Pro IP65 Waterproof Panel light


A truly 360Degree water proof edgelit panel fixture that supports recessed, surface-mounted and pendent installation, and at the same time preserving all the great photometric performances of the Sheenly’s PRO panel series.  

Common problems of waterproof PANELs are, structurally not strong enough, and glue contamination which degrades the lifetime and light quality of the luminaire.  IP65 PRO panel series adopts fully enclosed double-frame structure, made by laser welded reinforced aluminum profiles, because we know the slightest structural deformation would cause water inflow and damage the luminaire. As a result, Sheenly’s IP65 PRO PANEL has high lumen efficiency, brilliant uniformity, light color consistency, supports both UGR22, UGR19 and more.  

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1. 360degree IP65, suitable for recessed, surface mounted and pendent mout

2. Ultra strong aluminum frame to prevent structural deformation and water inflow

3. 120lm/w standard efficiency, and optionally 130+lm/w upon request 

4. Unparallel lighting uniformity 

5. UGR22 & UGR19, optionally for switchable CCT, human centric lighting 

6. Excellent light quality, 4 SDCM as standard light color consistency, and option available for 3 SDCM 

7. Size, power, and mounting  customizable, customization ability is one of our key competency 

8. Dimming and Smart options available, 0-10V, Dali DT6/DT8 

9. Peripheral accessories: mounting frame, pendent kits, emergency gear