PRO Panel Light


Since Sheenly's debut in 2009, we have dedicated our efforts, and leading the competition by continuous improvement and undisrupted  supply of high quality edge light panel to our customers.  Millions of units were/are sold to different parts of world, and received countless recognitions,  design and technical awards over the years. There are many First in Sheenly's panel lighting history:

--1st 85lm/W efficacy in 2009

--1st UGR19 edgelit panel in the market 2011

--1st transparent panel

--1st disproportionate up/down lighting panel

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1. Strong aluminum frame for rigid structure


2. 120lm/w standard efficiency, and optionally 130+lm/w upon request 


3. 4 SDCM as standard light color consistency, and option available for 3 SDCM 


4. Unparallel lighting uniformity 


5. Size, power, and mounting  customizable, customization ability is one of our key competency 


6. UGR22 & UGR19, optionally for switchable CCT, human centric lighting 


7. Dimming and Smart options available, Dali DT6/DT8 


8. Peripheral accessories: mounting frame, pendent kits, emergency gear


Product Part Number Power Color Lumen Output
Beam Dimension
PRO SL-PAN-28W-xW-AN 28W WW: 3000K
NW: 4000K
DW: 5000K
PW: 5700K
3500 80 120° 595*595*10
SL-PAN-35W-xW-AN 35W 4200 80 120°
SL-PAN-28W-xW-LS 28W WW: 3000K
NW: 4000K
DW: 5000K
PW: 5700K
3500 80 120° 622*622*10
SL-PAN-35W-xW-LS 35W 4200 80 120°
SL-PAN-35W-xW-BN 35W WW: 3000K
NW: 4000K
DW: 5000K
PW: 5700K
4200 80 120° 300*1200*10