LUX Linear Bay Light


Lux is an elegantly looking linear bay light fixture.  A clever structural design by combining 3 extruded aluminum profiles in the way of jigsaw to form 3 isolated chambers, that renders excellent heat management, efficient space utilization, cost efficient, and high structural strength.  Lux has a wide range of optic options to tackle lighting needs for open space, isles, ultra high ceiling, in-between racks and more. 

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1. 80-200W as standard, and flexible for customization for higher power and longer length


2. 130lm/w and 160lm/w available for selection


3. Extensive beam options: 110D, 90D, 60D, 30D and Non-symmetric distribution for different applications


4. Spacious electronic gear chamber, easy to bundle ECGs, Sensor, Emergency gear and other smart device simultaneously 


5. Elegant appearance, silky smooth surface without screws, agile and full of strength


6. Comprehensive upgradable options, DALI, SENSOR, Emergency, Multi-CCT, Multi-Lumen, etc




Product Part Number Power Color Lumen Output
Beam Dimension
Lux  SL-BAY-80W-XW-LN 80 WW: 3000K
NW: 4000K
DW: 5000K
PW: 5700K
9600 120° 560 x 270 x 65 
SL-BAY-100W-XW-LN 100 12000 120° 560 x 270 x 65 
SL-BAY-120W-XW-LN 120 14400 120° 620 x 270 x 65 
SL-BAY-100W-XW-LN-H 100 WW: 3000K
NW: 4000K
DW: 5000K
PW: 5700K
12000 120° 560 x 270 x 65 
SL-BAY-150W-XW-LN-H 150 18000 120° 620 x 270 x 65 
SL-BAY-200W-XW-LN-H 200 24000 120° 700 x 270 x 65