Sheenly Lighting Co. Ltd

Is an industrial leading LED lighting company specializes in manufacturing of innovative LED lighting solutions that improve lighting quality, energy efficiency and enhance environmental sustainability. Since 2009, Sheenly has produced different types of innovative LED lighting products which have shaped the today’s industry and created remarkable reputation in global market. All of our products are CE, RoHS compliant and predicted to be UL, and PSE certified.

Factory Tour

The 3000㎡ R&D center and headquarters—In Shanghai, improving the function of R&D department and sales force.
The 40,000㎡ Manufacturing plant in Qidong, JiangSu province, greatly improving production capacity and manufacturing force.

Sheenly has got a mature and high standard quality control system during the whole production process. We have incoming material inspection, input process quality control, finished products inspection, pre-delivery aging test and outgoing quality control before departing clients’ orders. Under the close supervision on quality control, Sheenly’s products achieve a low defect ratio, which is less than 0.1% to panels and 0.3% to highbay lights. On the basis of high quality products and good reputation, all Sheenly panels and highbay lights are certified by ENEC, ETL and CE.

Quality Control


Dec 24, 2020




Sheenly's R&D team equips up-to-date testing and analyzing facility to design and develop various types of high quality, techno-aesthetic and efficient LED lighting products for industrial, office and commercial applications. The experienced and mature team has granted many invention patents and utility patents in appearance design, energy saving, high lighting utility, creative LED technology and so on. Sheenly's patented LED products are also certified by CE, ENEC, ETL and ERP. This industrial leading R&D team gives our main ODM business clients, a strong confidence to work with Sheenly in LED Lighting design and manufacturing.


Alighting award-bayer project

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2015 Member of China Building Decoration Association

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Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Project (Flat Panel Light)


Light Industry Innovative Product Gold Award 

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