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Think Different, Think Green!

In the United States, the government is encouraging its people into installing energy efficient solar panels in the roofs, windows and other sun-exposed area of the house. The government is offering low-interest financing to aid the people in installing such.

This act is in accordance with the idea of producing electricity by using alternative energy sources. This is also a campaign into attracting and encouraging people to think green; to think of ways in saving the ailing Mother Earth. This step is just one of numerous possible ways in extending help to the environment.

Photovoltaic solar panels are designed primarily to collect light energy from the sun. This energy excites the electron making it move and cause the depletion area between the PN junctions of the semiconductor to create an electric field. The movement of electrons creates electricity. The electricity created is used to charge the rechargeable batteries connected. The charge of the battery is consumed by all the loads connected to it. Solar power technology is used in secluded areas and areas that can’t be reached by the main power lines, however, now that the campaign to think green is in progress, even in the city, one can find solar panels installed elsewhere. This is with the aim of combining the function of the coal-generated electricity with the solar-generated power. An enormous slash in the electric bill can be experienced by the consumer.

Think green program doesn’t only emphasize the use of alternative energy sources, but also on the utilization of energy efficient loads that will replace the high-energy consuming loads. One cited example of this is on the lighting system. An incandescent lamp of 60W can be substituted by a 5W LED light giving also the same quality of brightness and luminance. By just merely subtracting the power consumed by the two, an unbelievable 55W difference will definitely amaze the consumer and therefore attract more and more consumers to make a big shift and be one of those who supports green living. LED lighting technology has already made a bond with the solar power technology in providing quality and energy efficient lighting. LED solar area lights and LED solar street lights are now available to the consumer. Why LED lights? LED lights were chosen because of the quality and features of the light that it delivers. Aside from an enormous energy saving scheme, LED lights are designed to last for a very long service life. The constant wear and tear experienced by a consumer in the incandescent lamps is totally eliminated in this technology. It is designed to last for around 50,000 to 80,000 hours depending on the frequency and application. Moreover, LED lights do not emit a substantial amount of thermal energy that will likely to end up as thermal pollution (except for LED grow lights). There are a lot proven benefits of LED lighting that one will surely experience.

Thinking something good and beneficial for the environment is definitely an act into hoping and envisioning a lot more worthwhile living here on Earth.