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ROI and LED Lights - How fast can earn your investment back?

LED lights may turn out to be an instant payback investment, even cash flow positive investment with smart finance options. The savings in energy and maintenance are more than enough to cover the monthly installment of the financing availed to install these lights.

Don’t believe it? Do the math yourself. Here is the summary of such a project.

a)    The lighting infrastructure – 50 incandescent lamps of 65 watt each used for 8 hours every day 21 days a month.
b)    LED replacement – 50 LED bulbs each using 9 watts
c)    Estimated investment – $ 2000
d)    Finance variables – 100 % finance at 5.92 %.

And here are the results

a)    Loan EMI – $ 22
b)    Annual loan repayment – $ 265
c)    Annual Energy savings – $ 677
d)    Annual maintenance savings – $ 900
e)    Annual savings in air conditioning costs – $ 118
f)    Total savings – $ 1430 per annum

It is clear that whichever way you may cut or dice the data you will reach only one inescapable conclusion – LED lights are a great route to save money, improve performance and reduce your carbon footprint. (