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LED Tube retrofit story

This is the story of a bank that wanted to cut down operating expenditures. The bank’s management was concerned that such a step might adversely affect the safety of its employees and adversely affect its brand image. “Safety and brand image are non negotiable. Unless we provide a safe working environment to our people we will never be able to attract the best talent. That and the brand image are the biggest drivers of business in the banking world.”

While several steps were hotly debated and many were eventually discarded, installing LED lights was one decision where there was complete agreement once every one saw the projected savings. The area in question was the staircase of the bank. The entire staircase spanned several floors and was illuminated 24 X 7 by 250 fluorescent tube lights. LED tubes provided a 70 % reduction in energy costs – a massive reduction of 113,568 kW per year and resulted in a total annual savings of over $ 125,000 in maintenance and operating costs. Over its lifetime, each modern LED tube would save $3120 in energy costs alone.

"We have access to some of the most sophisticated risk and return analysis techniques. But this was one project where only common sense and basic spreadsheet skills were called into play. The fact that the risk associate with this high return investment is practically nil it makes for a very compelling choice."

The bank had earlier tested the waters with 50 watt halogen down lights and is now planning to replace its 35 watt CFLs in favor of plug in LED replacements. Everyone appreciates the dimmable lights that provide high quality, uniform illumination. The fact that each light will save almost 2 tons of CO2 over its lifespan is an added bonus. “The feeling of being able to do something  for the environment is very satisfying. The license to boast about the company’s impeccable environmental credentials comes free.” LED lights demonstrate how modern technology makes to possible to reduce energy consumption, improve the quality of life and get a high return on your investment. With high return LED products in place, many new environment friendly measures can be implemented without any additional budgetary provision, solely from the savings achieved by energy efficient lighting. Once the benefits of modern lighting became apparent many employees of the bank opted for modern energy efficient LED tubes.

"The path to a financially and environmentally secure future of the world is lit by solid state lighting."