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The Benefit of Energy Efficiency


High power white LED serves as the fourth generation electricity light source and LED has already been the hottest green light source in illumination market. High power white LED will entirely replace traditional incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, and fluorescent lamp in the near future. LED will be eventually turning out to be the new light source of environment protection in 21 century.

Typically, the traditional incandescent lamp carries out “high temperature “directly into fuse and then spreading out the light afterward that this means normally causes 90% of power diffusing with hot radiation. Simply put, it will not only waste energy, but also will make the indoor and outdoor temperature increasing. Consequently, the power consumption will be increasing a lot more than before due to dwellers use air condition facilities profusely. To a certain degree, the global warming is boosted up progressively on earth.

The white LED merely consumes the power consumption in 10~20% same as incandescent lamp. As well LED and incandescent lamp have the same brightness. The incandescent lamp can use for 1000 hours only, and white light the LED light can utilize for more than 20000 hours.

White LED serves as light source which will have its own potentially enormous marketing and the prospect of application



Economic benefit

Environment benefit


Replace 55% incandescent lamps and 55% fluorescent lamps

Save USD 35,000,000,000 electricity charges yearly

Reduce 7.55 billion tons carbon dioxide emissions every year


Replace 100% incandescent lamps

Save 1 to 2 nuclear power stations

Save 100 million liters of crude oils to consume every year


Replace 25% incandescent lamps and 100% fluorescent lamps

Save 110 billion degrees electricity, which is about the same as nuclear power station to generate electricity quantity

Save much CO2 emission

High power white LED serves as illuminate light source have a great deal of benefits to utilize due to small size, economic power consumption, low temperature, long life span, react quickly, safe and low electric voltage, great weather resistance, directive lighting control, and so forth. These benefits are widely applied in the petroleum, chemical engineering, Mineral Mountain, railroad, troops, car, city, video screen and stadium building. (