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Lighting Reference Guide

Lighting Reference Guide

To learn more about lighting concepts including lighting types & fixtures, please refer to the Lighting Reference Guide produced by Natural Resources Canada & the Government of Ontario. Please note that this article doesn't talk about LED lighting, but it may help you for better understanding about the ligthing and energy saving.
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Energy Savings

  3. Emission Reduction Credits

  4. Applications

    1. Lighting Project Management
    2. Evaluation Methods
    3. Lightning Levels
    4. Light and Environment
    5. Technology Integration
    6. Case Studies

  5. Understanding the Theory

    1. Definition of Light
    2. Visual Effect of Light
    3. Spectral Power Distribution
    4. Lighting and Colour
    5. Lighting Quantities and Units
    6. Lighting Levels

  6. Generation of Light

    1. Light Sources
    2. Lamp Types
    3. Lightning Systems

  7. Incandescent Lamps

    1. Incandescent Lamps (Shapes and Designation)
    2. Tungstun Halogen Lamps
    3. Halogen PAR Lamps
    4. Halogen PAR and MR IR (Infrared)Lamps
    5. Infrared Heat Lamps

  8. Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts

    1. Ballasts General
    2. Electronic Ballasts for Fluorescent Lamps

  9. Fluorescent Lamps

    1. Fluorescent Lamps General(Shapes and Designation)
    2. Premium T–8 Lamps
    3. Low–Wattage T–8 Lamps
    4. T5 Fluorescent Lamps
    5. Fluorescent Fixture Reflectors
    6. Compact Fluorescent Lamps

  10. HID Lamp Ballasts

    1. Ballasts General
    2. Probe Start Ballasts
    3. Pulse Start Ballasts
    4. Electronic HID Lamp Ballasts

  11. HID Lamps, LPS Lamps

    1. Mercury Vapour Lamps
    2. Metal Halide Lamps
    3. High Pressure Sodium Lamps
    4. Low Pressure Sodium Lamps

  12. Other Light Sources

    1. Induction Lighting
    2. Fiber Optic Lighting
    3. LED Lighting

  13. Exit Signs

  14. Emerging Technologies

  15. Codes, Standards and Regulations

  16. Worksheets

    1. An Audit Data Worksheet
    2. A Measure/Savings Worksheet

  17. Bibliography

  18. Glossary of Terms