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Saving the world from bad lighting

Globally and locally, everyone wants to reduce environmental impact and make sound economic decisions. But the lighting industry has given us a no-win option: choose highly inefficient incandescents or fluorescents that contain mercury. Fortunately, we no longer have to consider these outdated technologies, because there's a new option.

LED lighting has been found to be superior to incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent tubes in terms of longer and more useful life. These lights also have a faster response time as compared to other types of lights and become fully bright in a matter of microseconds. They can also be used in electronic and electrical experiments where they are required to test passage of electric current through a circuit. They do not contain mercury and are therefore very safe. In fact they can be used to test various circuits where high voltage is expected to be used in order to be safe and avoid electric shock.

Technological breakthroughs by Sheenly Lighting give us beautiful light that is more efficient and longer lasting than both incandescents and CFLs, and contain NO TOXIC MERCURY.It's time to make a smart choice !