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Office LED Lights Increase Workplace Productivity

As part of the ‘Workplace Issues’ series, a study was conducted on the effect of quality lighting in the workplace and found that inefficient lighting could lead to workplace injuries such as eyestrain and even musculoskeletal injuries. The survey noted that two out three participants experienced physical problems due to an inadequately lit environment. Of course, as we all know, an employee experiencing discomfort (and especially one on sick leave) is likely to result in decreased productivity. Modern companies might be focussed on investing in impressive architecture, state-of-the-art technology, and organisational psychologists but perhaps they should revert to the scientific method of management – and ensure they’re meeting the basics of proper lighting first.

LED lighting is the most obvious choice for adequate yet energy efficient office lighting, with directional light emission, its resistance to mechanical failure, instant-on at full output, rapid on-off cycling capability without detrimental effects, improved performance at cold temperatures, dimming and control capability, minimal non-visible radiation (e.g. ultraviolet, infrared) and superior lifetime. Most importantly for an organisation’s bottom line – LED lighting is a very profitable investment and is easily fitted into existing light fixtures too.

With a greater emphasis on knowledge-intensive work and a trend towards working from home in current times, the way people work is changing and companies need to incorporate lighting and furniture in an intuitive way to encourage employees to work in the workplace and to be productive when working.

Sheenly Lighting is in full support of creating a healthy and productive working environment through energy efficient workplace lighting. now Sheenly LED panel lights have been widely chosen for lots of office lighting projects in China, Germany, UK, and many other locations.(