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Sheenly LED Big Round Light - R580

Sheenly LED Round Panel Light adopts qualified super bright LED as light source, which is stable, long life and no UV & IR emission. The anodized aluminum frame is stylish and fashionable with everlasting color. It is powered by low voltage constant current driver, which is safety, energy saving and long life. 

Sheenly LED Panel light is the ideal replacement for traditional grid lights and fluorescent tubes. Moreover, Sheenly Panel light creates extremely harmonies and uniform lights, which conventional light never achieved.



- Diameter 580mm
- Modern, stylish and Innovative design
- Uniform light output
- Up/Down Lighting Optional
- Anti-Glare UGR19 Optional
- Transparent Optional
- White/Black/Silver finishing available
- Durable with life span over 50,000 hours
- 5 Years Guarantee
- Simple and convenient installation







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